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After escaping from the world of opera and classical music, Michelle Eliza sought to reclaim herself and her music as a rock n roll singer. She was met with Bushwick’s own local legend, rock guitarist Mike Miller. Mike recruited the jazz and hip hop ninja, Tommy Gordon, on drums, and Tommy enlisted funk-slappin’ bass man Ian Ferry.

Combining their forces with Roof Riders, Schmeeze made their stand as musicians who made rock for rock’s sake. The band quickly became an unstoppable force led by Michelle’s powerhouse vocals, commanded by Mike’s fierce guitar, driven by Tommy’s vibrant drums, and championed by Ian’s bass.

The fuel that powers Schmeeze comes from the mystical Dank Al Pastor Tacos, only found at the taco stand on Irving and Stanhope in Brooklyn. The greasy pork gives funk, the spice gives fire, the guacamole gives smoothness, and the pineapple gives sweetness to the sound. These four components are the primary sustenance that give Schmeeze its trademark.


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